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Recently, there have been an increasing number of fraudulent websites/channels claiming to sell genuine Sesderma, ISIS, Dermpix, Foltene, Actium Plus, Neutriderm and Dermavive products. Please be aware that Iberia Skinbrands and its affiliates will not honor warranties for any counterfeit products (brands mentioned above) sold or supplied through unauthorized offline sellers/retailers/ distributors or online distribution channels. This includes products with forged logos or products sold by unauthorized sellers who misrepresent themselves as authorized sellers/retailers/distributors.

Counterfeit products pose a serious risk of harm to the user. This can include damage to the product itself, property damage, and even bodily injury. We strongly advise all customers and potential customers to avoid any fake products being distributed through illegitimate online or offline channels.

Here are some tips for avoiding counterfeit products:

  • Only purchase authentic products from Iberia Skinbrands authorized sellers /retailers/distributors.
  • Check the product packaging for authenticity features, such as holograms and serial numbers.
  • Be wary of products that are significantly cheaper than the MRP.
  • If you are still unsure about the authenticity of a product, contact Iberia Skinbrands customer support team at 9599691116 for further assistance.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping to protect our customers from fake products.