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Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo-120ml

Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo-120ml



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Pack : 120ML

  • Clinically proven to be effective against mild, moderate and severe dandruff including itchy scalp
  • fast acting, even on chemically treated hair
  • controls flaking, itching, scaling and redness
  • improves quality of hair
  • Safe to use daily and will not cause irritation after use

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Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo

The Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a highly effective and fast-acting solution designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your scalp while combating dandruff issues. This powerful shampoo gently yet efficiently targets excess sebum production and dandruff flakes, leaving your hair feeling fresh, clean, and completely free from the discomfort of dandruff.

The unique formula of this shampoo consists of Climbazole, a potent anti-fungal ingredient known for its ability to combat the fungus Malassezia responsible for dandruff. By eliminating this root cause, it effectively clears your scalp of dandruff flakes and excess sebum, resulting in clean, soft, and dandruff-free hair. The Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo is enriched with Vitamin E, providing nourishment and conditioning for your hair. It not only removes dandruff but also helps prevent its return. This gentle formula works to restore your scalp’s natural balance without the use of harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your hair.

This shampoo effectively worked on the problem since Day 1. It offers quick relief from itchiness and irritation associated with dandruff-prone scalps. In fact, you can expect a reduction in dandruff flakes after just one use. For those dealing with conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, characterized by scaly patches, inflamed skin, and stubborn dandruff, this shampoo can be a game-changer. Moreover, unlike many other anti-dandruff shampoos that focus solely on dandruff control, this product goes the extra mile. Its ingredients not only combat dandruff but also strengthen and nourish your hair, reducing frizz and enhancing its natural shine.

The Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a fast and effective solution to dandruff and scalp issues. Whether you have dandruff-prone hair, an itchy scalp, seborrheic dermatitis, or simply want to improve the health and appearance of your hair, this shampoo is designed to deliver visible results from the very first use and continued improvement over 21 days. Say goodbye to dandruff and hello to healthy, beautiful hair with this remarkable product.


1. Clinically proven to combat dandruff effectively by targeting the root cause (Malassezia fungus) with Climbazole.
2. Reduces dandruff flakes after just one use.
3, It helps prevent dandruff return with regular use.
4. Effective for mild, moderate, and severe dandruff, including seborrheic dermatitis.
5. Soothes and relieves itchy, irritated scalp, its gentle formula restores scalp balance without harsh chemicals.
6. Nourishes and conditions hair with Vitamin E leaves hair soft and manageable, reduces frizz, and enhances shine.
7. Improves overall hair health for a more vibrant appearance.


  1.  To apply the shampoo, begin by wetting your hair. Take a small amount of the shampoo and focus on the areas where dandruff is most problematic. Gently massage the shampoo into both your hair and scalp, dedicating 2-3 minutes to this process.
  2. Make sure that the shampoo evenly covers your entire scalp and extends along the length of your hair. Leave the shampoo on for one minute, allowing it to work its magic, and then rinse it out thoroughly.
  3. However, it is essential to note that this shampoo should not be used continuously for more than 21 consecutive days. Following these usage guidelines will help you effectively manage dandruff while maintaining the health of your scalp and hair.


Purified water, Decyl glucoside, Propylene glycol, Lactamide mea, Glycerine, Sodium PCA, Tocopherol acetate, Lactic acid, Fragrance, Sodium hydroxide, Propylene glycol, Disodium 2- Sulfolaurate, Glycerine, Sodium PCA, etc.

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7 reviews for Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo-120ml


Reviewed by 02 customer(s)

  • Avatar

    Amruta Chavan

    Used this for a month Atleast twice a week 2 times in every hair wash
    Controls dandruff. I had large-sized flakes, but now there aren’t. Go for it

    April 20, 2023
  • Avatar


    Have been using it for more than a month. Very good and effective on dandruff. I have ordered another bottle as well.

    April 5, 2023
  • Avatar

    Aakash Kumar

    This shampoo has helped significantly in reducing the itchiness and mild flakiness that I usually experience on my scalp. It also leaves the hair softer and more manageable and does not dry them out like most anti-dandruff shampoos. I also love the compact and travel-friendly packaging. Overall, a good buy!

    March 27, 2023
  • Avatar


    I was suffering from severe dandruff problems. Tried a lot of shampoos.. loreal clay series, head & shoulders (all variants), Pantene, etc.. but none of them helped to cure the dandruff.
    Two of my friends suggested I try this one, as a doctor suggested it to them. I tried it, and with just 2 washes, I can feel so much relief from an itchy, scratchy, and dandruff-full scalp.
    It’s unclear, as it’s just two washes, but I feel the effect.

    March 5, 2023
  • Avatar

    Pranali ghule

    This shampoo has significantly helped reduce the itchiness and mild flakiness that I usually experience on my scalp. It also leaves the hair softer and more manageable and does not dry them out like most anti-dandruff shampoos. I also love the compact and travel-friendly packaging. Overall, a good buy!

    February 20, 2023
  • Avatar


    I have used a lot of shampoo before using this one…it clears away dandruff in just 3 uses…and I use bore water which already has alum in the water, so it doesn’t affect my hair after this shampoo…no dandruff is visible at all…but you have to apply any mild soap on hair wash it…then apply this shampoo…it will give you the visible result…

    February 13, 2023
  • Avatar

    Pranita Wagh

    I have used several other shampoos, such as clear anti-dandruff shampoo, Pantene, Tresemme, and Head and shoulders, but this works! I’ve been using it for a month, and the dandruff is almost gone! If I use it for another two or three times, it will clear off completely. Worth the price.

    January 8, 2023

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