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Sesderma Reti Age Anti-aging Cream 50ml

Sesderma Reti Age Anti-aging Cream 50ml



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  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Increase firmness
  • Unifies skin tone
  • Boosts hydration
  • Routinization without irritation
  • Dermatologically tested

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Sesderma Reti Age Anti-aging Cream

Sesderma‘s innovative 3-Retinol system offers a groundbreaking solution for those looking to conquer their retinol fears. This exclusive system comprises three distinct retinoids, which are released gradually, ensuring compatibility with all skin types. By incorporating this system into your skincare routine, you can expect a multitude of benefits. First and foremost, it combats the visible signs of aging, reducing the appearance of stubborn wrinkles that can be a source of concern. Additionally, it works tirelessly to enhance skin firmness, leaving your complexion looking more youthful and revitalized. Uneven skin tone becomes a thing of the past as this product promotes a more uniform complexion.

One of the standout features of Sesderma’s 3-Retinol system is its ability to boost hydration. Dry and tired-looking skin is rejuvenated, ensuring a radiant and healthy appearance. Perhaps most impressively, this product achieves all these remarkable results without the irritation typically associated with retinol use. Dermatologically tested, it offers peace of mind to users of all skin types. You can seamlessly incorporate this product into your daily anti-aging regimen, using it continuously to minimize deep wrinkles, address issues of firmness, and even out your skin tone. However, it’s crucial to note that during periods of high sun exposure, retinoids should be reserved for nighttime application.

For those who are pregnant, it’s advisable to opt for one of Sesderma’s alternative anti-aging creams that do not contain retinoids. Sesderma’s commitment to innovation and skin care excellence shines through in this revolutionary 3-Retinol system, promising a transformative experience for those on a quest for timeless beauty.

You can apply Reti-age Moisturizing Facial Cream as a continuous anti-aging treatment. It is capable of minimizing deep wrinkles, lack of firmness, tone, unifying skin tone … and ends dehydration and fatigued appearance. However remember that, in times of high sun exposure, it is better to use retinoids only in your night routine. A plus: with the good night kiss, they will tell you: “How good you smell!” If you are pregnant, better choose another of our anti-aging creams that do not contain retinoids.


1. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin firmness and elasticity
2. Evens out skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation
3. Boosts hydration for a radiant complexion
4. A gradual release system with 3 different retinoids minimizes irritation
5. Dermatologically tested for safety and effectiveness
6. Can be used daily except during high sun exposure periods (then switch to nighttime use)


  1. Start your skincare routine by cleansing and toning your skin.
  2. Next, incorporate a few drops of Retiage liposomal serum or your preferred serum into your regimen.
  3. Gently massage a small amount of Retiage moisturising cream onto your face, neck, and décolletage, ensuring even distribution. This cream can be used in your morning or nighttime routine.
  4. Remember to include sunscreen in your daily skincare routine to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


Aqua; Cyclopentasiloxane; Paraffinum liquidum; Propanediol; Glycerin; Arachidyl alcohol; Polymethyl methacrylate; Cetyl alcohol; Retinol; Retinyl propionate; Hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate; Caprooyl tetrapeptide-3; Retinal; * Palmitoyl dipeptide-5 Diaminohydroxybutyrate; * Palmitoyl dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyroyl hydroxythreonine; Zinc chloride; Nicotiana benthamiana Sh-polypeptide-15; Nicotiana benthamiana Sh-tgf-beta2; Ergothioneine; Behenyl alcohol; Lecithin; Arachidyl glucoside; Alcohol; Triticum vulgare germ extract; Carbomer; Cyclohexasiloxane; Dimethicone; Xanthan gum; Polysilicone-11; Butylene glycol; Polysorbate 20; Sodium hydroxide; Bht; Tocopheryl Acetate; Sodium cholate; Disodium edta; Sodium chloride; Tromethamine; Decyl glucoside; Hydrochloric acid; Dipotassium phosphate; Caprylyl glycol; Hexylene glycol; Bha; Dextran; Potassium phosphate; Helianthus annuus seed oil; Phenoxyethanol; Ethylhexylglycerin; Parfum; Ci17200.

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