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Isis Pharma

Isis Pharma is a French, family-run dermatology laboratory dedicated to providing effective skincare solutions. Their products are recommended by over 14,000 dermatologists in 80 countries, reflecting their commitment to quality and innovation.

Here’s what sets Isis Pharma apart:

  • Dermatologist-Recommended: Backed by the trust of over 14,000 dermatologists, you can be confident that Isis Pharma products are formulated with your skin’s health in mind.
  • French Quality: Manufactured in their laboratory near Lyon, France, Isis Pharma leverages the country’s rich scientific and industrial expertise to ensure rigorous quality control.
  • Clinically Tested Ingredients: Through their R&D labs, Isis Pharma meticulously selects and combines clinically tested active ingredients to guarantee optimal efficacy.
  • Strict Ethical Standards: Their formulas adhere to a strict ethical charter, ensuring responsible sourcing and formulation practices.
  • Traceable Ingredients: They prioritize complete transparency, guaranteeing traceability for all ingredients used in their products.

Environmental Responsibility

Isis Pharma recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and actively works to minimize their impact:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: They prioritize sourcing packaging materials from France and Europe, lowering transportation emissions.
  • Recycled Materials: Their commitment to eco-friendly practices includes using rPET (recycled plastic) in their packaging, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to virgin plastic.
  • Minimized Waste: They’ve eliminated leaflets from half their products and plan to do so for all by the end of 2021.
  • Supplier Audits: Regular audits ensure their suppliers adhere to environmentally responsible manufacturing and waste management practices.

Isis Pharma Product Lines

Isis Pharma offers a comprehensive range of skincare solutions to address various needs:

Teen Derm

The Science-Backed Solution for Acne-Prone Skin: Teen Derm tackles acne at its core, combining the power of science with gentle formulations suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The patented ALPHA-PURE complex is a star ingredient, containing a unique blend of clinically proven actives. This complex regulates excess sebum production, a key contributor to clogged pores and breakouts. Teen Derm also includes ingredients to purify and exfoliate the skin’s surface, preventing dead skin cells from trapping bacteria. Additionally, Boswellia extract soothes irritation and inflammation, promoting a calmer and healthier complexion. Teen Derm offers a complete skincare routine, including cleansers, moisturizers, and targeted solutions for mild, moderate, and severe acne.


Tranquility for Redness-Prone and Sensitive Skin: Ruboril understands the struggles of sensitive skin prone to redness. Their meticulously formulated products address various types and severities of redness, offering a path to a calmer, more balanced complexion. The beta-CALM complex is at the heart of Ruboril’s innovation. This powerful formula contains four targeted ingredients that work together to strengthen capillaries, the tiny blood vessels responsible for facial redness. It also reinforces the skin barrier function, which helps retain moisture and protects against external aggressors. Additionally, Ruboril products provide essential hydration and soothing properties to reduce discomfort and irritation. Their comprehensive routine encompasses cleansers, moisturizers, and SPF protection, formulated specifically for the needs of sensitive skin.


Intense Hydration and Relief for Dry, Irritated Skin:  Dry, irritated skin can feel uncomfortable and tight. Secalia offers a haven for such skin, formulated with a minimalist philosophy to minimize the risk of irritation. Unlike many moisturizers, Secalia doesn’t overwhelm the skin with unnecessary ingredients. Instead, it focuses on core essentials trusted by dermatologists for years. This approach helps reduce the chance of reactions and ensures long-lasting comfort. Secalia’s Nutri-calm complex repairs soothes, and hydrates the skin, providing much-needed relief. This range is suitable for the whole family, including those with sensitive skin.


Calming and Moisturizing Care for Sensitive Skin:  Sensitive skin can be easily upset by harsh chemicals and fragrances. Sensylia offers a gentle solution, formulated to calm and protect even the most delicate complexions. The Hydractiv complex is a key innovation, containing ingredients that help the skin generate its own water reserves. This unique approach promotes long-lasting hydration and reduces feelings of discomfort. Sensylia offers a comprehensive range of cleansers, makeup removers, moisturizers, and a jelly, all with non-comedogenic formulas that won’t clog pores.  The different textures cater to various skin types and preferences, providing a customized routine for sensitive skin.


Combating Dryness and Roughness Associated with Very Dry Skin Conditions: Extremely dry skin can feel rough, scaly, and uncomfortable. Urelia offers targeted solutions to combat these concerns. The key ingredient is urea, a molecule naturally present in the skin. Depending on its concentration, urea can deliver either hydration or exfoliation. In the Urelia range, urea is combined with an amino acid complex to create a protective film on the skin’s surface. This film helps limit dehydration and safeguard the skin from external aggressors. Urelia offers exfoliating moisturizers formulated for different severities of dryness, as well as a cleansing gel for gently exfoliating and cleansing the body and scalp.


Targeting Concerns Related to Hypopigmentation (Loss of Skin Color): Vitiligo and other conditions can cause areas of skin to lose pigment. Vitiskin offers a unique solution to address hypopigmentation. Its effective formula stimulates melanin synthesis, the process responsible for skin color.  Vitiskin also protects the skin from oxidative stress, a major contributor to pigmentation loss. It provides essential trace elements and vitamins to nourish the skin and utilizes an airless system to preserve the potency of its ingredients. This innovative system ensures optimal absorption and results.


Deep Hydration and Emolliency for Extremely Dry Skin:  For those struggling with very dry skin, Xerolan offers a lifeline. The star ingredient is ultra-purified lanolin, a natural emollient with exceptional restorative properties. Lanolin provides the skin with the essential ingredients it needs to repair and deeply hydrate itself.  Xerolan comes in a convenient spray format, making it easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas.  This unique application method is also ideal for soothing diaper rash on babies.


Addressing Hair Loss Concerns: Hair loss can be a frustrating concern for many. Ilcapil offers a powerful solution to target stubborn dandruff and scalp conditions. The Keracyl complex is at the heart of Ilcapil’s effectiveness. This complex combines soothing and exfoliating ingredients to remove scalp buildup and calm irritation. It’s further enhanced with antimicrobial properties to combat the root cause of dandruff. Unlike many dandruff shampoos, Ilcapil is fragrance-free and suitable for children as young as 3 years old and pregnant women.

In conclusion, Isis Pharma’s commitment to science and innovation extends across their entire product line. They offer a variety of solutions to address various skin and scalp concerns, all formulated with carefully selected ingredients and a focus on efficacy and tolerability. Whether you have acne-prone skin, sensitive skin prone to redness, or dry, irritated skin, Isis Pharma has a range designed to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin.