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Sesderma Hidradermin Instant Hydration 250ml

Sesderma Hidradermin Instant Hydration 250ml


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  • Hidradermin Body Milk Nourishes protects and repairs dry and damaged skin
  • Provides instant Hydration
  • Has a long-lasting and intensive formula that keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Works deep within the skin and helps repair dryness
  • Makes your skin supple and soft
  • Helps restore your skin
  • Improves the skin’s barrier function
  • Helps with skin pigmentation

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Sesderma Hidradermin Instant Hydration

Your Skin’s health is important and keeping it moisturised is essential. Dryness of the skin has many causes such as extreme weather conditions, low moisture in the air, soaking in hot water, and harsh or drying soaps. Hidradermin Body Milk for Instant Hydration helps to restore the moisture of the body & softens dry skin. The Hidradermin Body milk acts as a protective barrier against inflammation, and dehydration without compromising your skin’s health. It is best suited for sensitive skin types. It has a light texture and you can see visible results after the first application.

The Sesderma Hidradermin Body Milk for Instant Hydration is an essential addition to your daily self-care routine, serving as a crucial element in maintaining the health and vitality of your skin. To ensure your skin remains smooth and evenly hydrated, it is imperative to generously apply this unique moisturizer. This exceptional product not only enhances your skin’s overall health but also offers continuous hydration throughout the day. The significance of skin health cannot be overstated, and adequate moisturization plays a pivotal role. Sesderma’s Hidradermin Body Milk for Instant Hydration effectively replenishes your body’s moisture levels and soothes dry skin. It serves as a protective shield against inflammation and dehydration, all while safeguarding your skin’s well-being. This product is particularly well-suited for individuals with sensitive skin, boasting a lightweight texture and delivering visible improvements in skin quality from the very first use.

Hidradermin Body Milk goes beyond superficial hydration; it nourishes, shields, and repairs dry and damaged skin. Its formula provides immediate and long-lasting hydration, penetrating deep within to address dryness at its core. As a result, your skin becomes more supple, soft, and resilient. Moreover, this product aids in restoring your skin’s natural balance, enhancing its barrier function, and even assisting with issues related to skin pigmentation. Sesderma’s Hidradermin Body Milk for Instant Hydration is the epitome of skincare excellence, ensuring your skin remains healthy, vibrant, and beautifully moisturized.


  1. Combats dryness caused by various factors for sensitive skin.
  2. Provides immediate & long-lasting hydration with visible improvement.
  3. Nourishes, shields & repairs dry, damaged skin for lasting comfort.
  4. Restores skin’s balance & barrier function, addressing pigmentation issues.
  5. The epitome of skin care for healthy, vibrant & beautifully moisturized skin.



  1. Slather your skin with a healthy dose of the Hidradermin Body Milk for Instant Hydration right after you have taken a bath and patted your skin dry. This will help restore your skin’s hydration.
  2. For the best and most visible results, it is recommended to use it twice a day.


Lactoferrin + Lactoperoxidase, Lecithin, Glycerin, Citric Acid

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