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Actium Plus Hydrapure B5 Serum 30ml

Actium Plus Hydrapure B5 Serum 30ml



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  • It repairs your skin effectively and exhibits remarkable anti-wrinkle, anti-nasolabial fold, anti-aging, and face rejuvenating properties.
  • It hydrates your amazing skin effectively as it contains a dual powerhouse of hyaluronic acid and panthenol.
  • This works effectively to guard the skin’s natural barrier by sealing the moisture in your skin and providing constant hydration to your skin.
  • This hydra pure serum contains a non-comedogenic formula, and it acts as a valuable anti-aging tool by aiding in cell regeneration.

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Actium Plus Hydrapure B5 Serum

Want to opt for luxurious face serums that can hydrate and nourish your skin while also having other great benefits? Upgrade your beauty arsenal with Actium Plus Hydrapure Serum B5 as it contains the powerhouse of four types of hyaluronic acid and the richness of Panthenol that is extremely effective for your skin. This serum works as an emollient that moisturizes and soothes our skin. We are always on the lookout to grab a serum that aids us effectively, addresses our concerns, keeps our skin hydrated, and repairs our skin to make us feel amazing. Actium Plus has come up with Hydra pure serum that contains four types of hyaluronic acid and panthenol that are loaded with immense benefits for your skin.

This Hydrapure serum is highly effective in regenerating dead skin cells and revitalizing your skin. It combats the signs of aging and wrinkles. It is also quite helpful for the treatment of oily skin with enlarged pores as it keeps in check the sebum production level on your skin. It comprises engaging vitamins and fatty acids that prevent wrinkles. It also has a high content of Vitamin A which promotes cell turnover.

The Actium Plus Hydrapure B5 serum has all the active ingredients in the form of Nano-sized liposomes which improves the efficacy of the product to deliver better results. If you always long for a hydration booster for your skin to keep it hydrated for longer hours, using this serum will be extremely helpful for you. This serum when applied regularly results in reducing wrinkles and improves skin elasticity, acts as a shield to the epidermis, prevents facial photoaging, and maintains the skin moisture level quite effectively.


1. Contains 4 types of hyaluronic acid for intense and long-lasting hydration.
2. Panthenol soothes and moisturizes the skin.
3. Acts as an emollient, locking in moisture and preventing dryness.
4. Regenerates dead skin cells and revitalizes the complexion.
5. Combats signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.
6. Improves skin elasticity and acts as a shield against photoaging.
7. High in Vitamin A, promoting cell turnover and preventing wrinkles.
8. Suitable for all skin types.
9. Contains vitamins and fatty acids for added nourishment.


  1. First of all, cleanse your face thoroughly using a cleanser, and refresh your skin with a toner.
  2. After that apply Actium Plus Hydra Pure Serum B5 at least once a day to get soothing and clear skin free of wrinkles and photoaging. For best results, it is recommended to be used twice.


Sodium acetylated hyaluronate, Sodium hyaluronate, Hydrolysed  sodium hyaluronate,  Sodium hyaluronate  cross polymer, Panthenol,  Aloe barbadensis, Rosa damascene flower water, Rosa damascene flower oil

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Actium Plus

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30 ml

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January 2026

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Iberia Skinbrands India Pvt Ltd

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Iberia Skinbrands India Private Limited, Plot No. – 1, PKT – 8, BLK-C, Sector-17. Dwarka, New Delhi- 110078

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Dermopartners S.L.

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Pol. ind. La Murta Avda. Dels Molins 1246530, Puzol (Valencia)