How To Have Fun at Holi and Still Maintain Glowing Skin?

Holi skin care

Holi Skincare: Tips and Tricks for a Radiant and Healthy Complexion

Holi is a festival of vibrance, colors, and merriment!

What with the flying colors and tall glasses of sweet Lassi and ghujiya, this festival reminds us to live life to the fullest. But, amidst all the jollity one thing that must not take a toll is our skin, you should not lose your glow and radiance to chemical colors or hustle-bustle of the festivity. Thus, we bring dermatologist-recommended tips and skin-care essentials that are a must for glowing and radiant skin! In this blog, we will discuss essential skincare products for Holi prep, how to maintain the skin barrier, and protect yourself from any harm chemical Holi colors might inflict on your skin.

Reinforce the Barriers

Protecting your skin against harmful chemicals is the foremost mandate of healthy Holi Skin. Our skin contains a natural barrier of lipids, sebum, and dead skin to protect us from foreign particles and sun damage. Dermats suggest that Holi skin care must start 3 to 4 days prior, where you start by building this barrier. You can use creams or face serums with Hyaluronic Acid to reinforce your barrier, one of the dermal-recommended is Hydrapure B5 serum by Actium Plus. Enriched with a powerhouse of four types of hyaluronic acid and the restorative properties of Panthenol (Vitamin B5), this is one of the best face serums for women, it goes beyond simple hydration to create a resilient shield for your complexion.

Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the skin, acts like a moisture magnet and is a vital ingredient in face serums for women. The unique inclusion of four different types allows this serum to target various layers of the skin, delivering deep and long-lasting hydration. The hyaluronic acid molecules form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, effectively shielding it from environmental aggressors like pollution, dust, and harsh weather. Panthenol, another key ingredient, takes the barrier repair a step further. It acts as a humectant, attracting and retaining moisture in the skin. But more importantly, panthenol actively promotes the production of ceramides. Ceramides are the building blocks of a healthy skin barrier, forming a tight-knit layer that prevents moisture loss and keeps irritants at bay.

Well Obviously, Hydrate!

Your Skin needs water, a skin-quenching, hydrating dose of light-weight lotion that does not enhance sebum on your skin but provides an airy layering of moisturizer, that would not weigh you down with oily casting over skin! One of the all-time favorites in moisturizers that fits the description would be Neutriderm’s Moisturizing Lotion enriched with Special Vitamin E offers a unique solution to protect your skin before, during, and after the festivities. Unlike traditional Vitamin E, this special form is water-soluble, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin’s layers. This creates a powerful barrier that helps shield your skin from the potentially irritating chemicals often found in Holi colors.

But Neutriderm’s benefits extend beyond just protection. Its powerful moisturizing properties replenish and restore the skin’s natural hydration levels. This is crucial, as dry skin is more susceptible to damage from external factors like harsh chemicals. By creating a healthy, well-hydrated environment, Neutriderm strengthens your skin’s natural defense system, making it more resilient against the potential irritants of Holi colors.

Here’s the beauty of Neutriderm’s moisturizing lotion, unlike some heavy moisturizing lotions that leave an oily film, this formula is lightweight and non-greasy. It absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and comfortable.

Screen your Skin from the Sun

Stepping out should always be preceded by applying a layer of SPF 50 sunscreen with anti-aging properties. Going out to play Holi should also be no exception! Douse yourself with good anti-aging sunscreen before starting the fun. One of the Dermat favorites is UVE Block Invisible Fluid by ISIS Pharma. This lightweight, invisible fluid acts as a protective shield, not just against the sun’s harmful rays, but also against potential irritants. The key lies in its gentle, skin-friendly formula. Unlike heavy sunscreens that can clog pores, UVE Block absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue that might trap color pigments.

However, UVE Block’s benefits extend far beyond Holi. Its broad-spectrum SPF 50+ protection safeguards your skin from the UVA and UVB rays that can cause sunburn and premature aging. But it doesn’t stop there. Ectoine, a natural ingredient, helps combat cellular damage caused by sun exposure, while Sophora japonica flower extract fights oxidative stress triggered by UV rays. This dual action provides deeper protection, keeping your skin healthy and vibrant even after spending time outdoors during Holi celebrations. With its sun protection and anti-aging properties you have a great anti-aging sunscreen.

A worthy Cleanser!

We think that the faster we get rid of those pesky colors from our skin the better! But wait! Any harsh stripping cleanser would strip the skin of its natural oils and make it dry and irritated, making it easier for the chemicals and pollutants to seep and cause more skin damage! Thus Dermatologists advise that your cleanser should be gentle and non-stripping, they say a big no-no to scrubs and exfoliants. One of the best Cleansers suited for this purpose would be hands-down Oceanskin Cleansing gel by Sesderma. This gel offers a revolutionary approach to after-Holi cleansing that tackles this problem head-on. This innovative formula starts as a hydrating gel, comforting your skin and preparing it for the cleansing process. The gel transforms into a silky oil and dissolves makeup and color pigments without being harsh or abrasive, ensuring the chemicals don’t irritate your skin.

But OCEANSKIN doesn’t stop there. Upon contact with water, the oil transforms again, this time into a luxurious foam. This foamy emulsion acts like a magnet, whisking away any remaining traces of color and impurities, leaving your skin completely cleansed and refreshed. There’s no harsh scrubbing required, just a gentle massage and a thorough rinse to reveal a radiant complexion beneath the vibrant hues of Holi.

Unlike some cleansers that leave your skin feeling tight and dry, OCEANSKIN’s formula is infused with the bounty of the sea. Marine ingredients like spirulina, marine collagen, and seaweed work in harmony to deliver deep hydration and nourishment. This ensures your skin feels soft, supple, and pampered even after removing the harsher elements of Holi colors. Additionally, OCEANSKIN utilizes Nanotech technology to deliver precious ingredients like caviar extract deeper into your skin, maximizing their effectiveness in removing any lingering toxins.

Important Pointers to keep in mind before stepping out

If your skin-care routine involves products like Niacinamide, Glycolic acid, salicylic acid, Retinol, Vit-C, etc. it is advised to stop using them 3 days before Holi.
1. Do not use bleach for your facial hair to avoid allergic reactions.

2. Make it a mandate to keep yourself hydrated so that you can easily flush out the toxins that manage to sneak into your system.

3. Do not head straight for the shower after playing Holi, let the colors dry and try to dust them off. Water might react with the colors and make them stronger.

4. You can also apply oil and try to wipe colors off with a tissue.

Hair Care Pointers

Maintaining the sheen and sleekness of your hair during Holi can turn out to be quite challenging! But with these tips and hair care products for women suggested by dermatologists, it can turn out to be quite easy. Let’s take a look at what should we do before “hairing” out to play Holi!

Oil Bath for Hairs

Douse your hair in coconut oil or cold-pressed almond oil to provide nourishment and also add a layer of protection. Oil would not let colors stick to your scalp or hair and also prevent them from stealing natural moisture from your head. You can also tie a bandana or put on a cap to protect your hair from direct onslaught!

Masque your Mane before showering!

You might be tempted to head directly to shower after coming back from Holi, but stop! Putting water on dry colors would make them stick to your scalp and hair, instead, apply a hair masque and let it sit for at least half an hour before heading to the shower. Procalp Repair Keratin Masque by Actium Plus can be a great choice when it comes to hair care products for women!

The Procalp Repair Keratin Masque delivers a powerful punch to dry, damaged hair. Tiny capsules called liposomes carry essential ingredients like Theronine, Keratin, Serine, Arginine, Hyaluronic Acid, and Amino Acids deep into your hair follicles. Threonine strengthens hair by building protein, while Keratin fills in cracks and Serine provides deep hydration. This masque also improves blood flow to your scalp, delivering oxygen and nutrients to revitalize dormant follicles and promote new hair growth. By repairing damage, strengthening hair structure, and boosting elasticity, the Procalp Repair Keratin Masque leaves your hair touchably soft, healthy, and with a beautiful shine.

Follow it up with the Procalp Repair Keratin Shampoo!

Unlike ordinary shampoos, Procalp Repair Keratin Shampoo goes beyond just cleansing. It utilizes innovative liposome technology to deliver a powerhouse of ingredients deep into your hair follicles. These tiny capsules carry Theronine, Keratin, Serine, Arginine, Hyaluronic Acid, and Amino Acids, fortifying your hair from the root. Threonine strengthens by building protein, Keratin fills in cracks for a smooth surface, and Serine provides deep hydration for hair that’s resilient and resists breakage. Procalp Repair Keratin Shampoo also improves blood flow to your scalp, delivering essential oxygen and nutrients to awaken dormant follicles and encourage new hair growth. It repairs damage, strengthens hair structure, and boosts elasticity, leaving your hair touchably soft, healthy, and with a radiant shine.

Unlock Your Best Hair Days: Discover Top-Rated Hair Care Products for Healthy, Shiny Tresses

Perfect Hair Products for Your Hair

Discovering signs of hair loss can be unnerving for both men and women. It’s easy to chalk it up to aging, but there’s more to the story. In this blog let us unravel the mysteries of hair loss and how Hair care products can come to the rescue for your lustrous locks.

But before we unravel the culprits behind hair loss let us take a look at

Lifecycle of a Hair

We know that hair loss and thinning can be attributed to various factors, including hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, the natural aging process, and contemporary stress-inducing lifestyles. These factors can also manifest as symptoms such as hair shaft weathering, accelerated aging of hair follicles, and diminished melanocyte function, leading to changes in hair color. Let us see the various phases of the hair cycle. 

The hair cycle comprises three distinct phases:

1. Growth Phase (Anagen)

 This developmental phase facilitates the formation and growth of hair, lasting between three to five years.

2. Resting Phase (Catagen) 

In this regressive phase, hair ceases to grow, and it typically lasts for approximately three weeks.

3.  Falling Phase (Telogen) 

The concluding phase involves the shedding of hair, making way for the growth of new hair. This phase lasts around four months before the hair cycle resets. On average, 90% of healthy hair is in the anagen (growth) phase, while the remaining 10% is in either the catagen (resting) or telogen (falling) phase.

Why is your Hair Falling out?

Healthy hair can last up to 3 to 4 years before naturally shedding and a new baby hair growing in its place but some factors cause early and rapid fallout of hairs, and these factors can include-

1.  Stress Overload Picture this—your hectic lifestyle and the chaos of your surroundings are tag-teaming to take a toll on your body. The aftermath? Your hair shaft weakens, waving goodbye in clumps.

 2.    Vitamin Drought – Turns out, your hair craves more than just a good shampoo. Essential vitamins like B12, C, D, E, and iron are the most important ingredients, bestowing nutrients your hair needs for survival.

3.      Hormonal changes – Menopause in ladies invites unwanted hormonal changes. This hormonal shake-up and the inevitable march of time weaken your hair follicles.

4.      Medication Mishaps – Sometimes, the very drugs designed to keep you healthy can lead to a follicular fallout. Medications for issues like high blood pressure or cancer may have a strand-thinning side effect.

In the battle against hair loss, understanding the foes is half the victory. Iberia products decode the mystery and equip you with the arsenal to reclaim your crown.  India has well-established, tried, and tested methods for taking care of our hair, which include oiling our mane and then washing it with a mild soap. But, oiling and washing can not always give the required nutrition to our hair, every man is different and it requires different nutrients. Thus before locking on various hair products, you must know what your hair type is and how it is unique.

What’s Your Hair Type?

To know what is your hair type, you can do a simple experiment, When your hair air-dries solo, with no products in the mix, that’s when it tells us about its true nature. We’re talking about the texture—straight, wavy, curly, or coily. 

  1. Straighty Talk  – If your hair air-dries like a sleek curtain, with no bends or curls in sight, you’ve got straight hair
  2.  Wavy Wonder  –    A subtle curve or a snazzy “S” shape?  Welcome to the wavy hair crew. Your hair knows how to bring the beachy waves.
  3. Curly Chronicles – Now, if your hair takes the spotlight with defined curls, you’re starring in the curly hair saga. It’s all about those natural curls stealing the show.
  4. Coily Capers – Tight curls or spirals that steal the scene?  That’s your coily hair making an entrance. Embrace the coils! Now that you know about your hair type it is important to check the density and porosity of your hair too and choose the hair product suited for you accordingly.

These are some of the Hair products that will help you reverse the effects of hair loss with a blend of perfect ingredients that suit your hair!

1. Actium Plus Anti-Hair Loss Lotion – Elevate your hair game with Actium Plus Anti-Hair Loss Lotion and anti-dandruff a powerful Hair Growth Complex. It contains ingredients like Saw palmetto that blocks hair loss at the root, Southernwood that nourishes and fights flakes, and White mulberry delivers essential vitamins to your hair. This Anti-Hair Loss Lotion also boosts thickness and density, giving you a vibrant mane. Thanks to NANO ENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGY, it dives deep, reducing hair loss and reducing dandruff. Actium is your shield against environmental stress and a catalyst for new hair growth.

2.  Nuetriderm Hair Enhancer Shampoo and Conditioner – Meet Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Shampoo and Conditioner—the ultimate haircare designed to combat thinning, hair fall, and breakage. Reviews have it that it reduces hair breakage by 90%, leaving you with thick, luscious locks. Packed with botanical extracts, it nourishes and protects your scalp, actively strengthening and promoting hair growth, even for chemically treated hair.  Enriched with Panthenol, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, avocado oil, and Vitamin E, this dynamic combo fortifies roots, boosts blood circulation, and kickstarts a journey to healthy hair growth. Gentle yet effective, it avoids harsh chemicals, slowing down hair loss progression. Mulberry Root Extract sparks growth in hair follicles, offering vital nutrients and antioxidant powers. Zinc Citrate and Zinc Gluconate play a vital role in preserving hair health and maintaining scalp balance. And Vitamin E? It’s the antioxidant guardian, shielding your hair and scalp from free radicals.

3.  Dermavive Dry Scalp Shampoo – Packed with the magic of Natural Colloidal Oatmeal, it’s your go-to for soothing and nourishing your scalp. Now you can easily soothe the discomfort and welcome healthy hair! Dermavive Dry Scalp Shampoo contains Sodium PCA that provides therapeutic hydration, tackling dryness at its roots and calming redness and inflammation. Citric Acid brings balance to the pH party, ensuring your hair and scalp stay naturally moisturized and refreshed. Coco betaine is the gentle hero here, cleansing without causing damage or stripping natural oils. And let’s not forget Polyquaternium, the detangling wizard making your hair routine a breeze. Get ready for soft, manageable, and tangle-free locks!

4. Foltene’s Anti-Aging Hair Rescue Shampoo – Unleash the age-defying magic with Foltene’s Anti-Aging Hair Rescue Shampoo! This powerhouse formula targets thinning, brittle hair, giving you a fuller, healthier mane. Clinically tested and proven effective, it’s your secret weapon for stimulating natural growth and restoring vitality. Say hello to rejuvenated locks and goodbye to hair concerns. Elevate your routine and embrace youthful, vibrant hair with Foltene.  Revitalize your dried and damaged hair with Foltene Anti-Aging Hair Rescue. Packed with DN-Age magic, it transforms your hair care game, promoting the production of new, stronger strands. The cleansing experience leaves your hair refreshed, lightweight, and bouncing with vitality. Bid farewell to lifeless locks with the goodness of natural olive extracts and DN-Age—because your hair deserves a rejuvenating treat!

5. Seskeval Keratin Shampoo – If you are tired of trying to tame your mane but every time your frizzy hair pops up, you can use this Seskeval Keratin shampoo that helps lock the moisture in and provide necessary nutrients to your hair! Experience a transformative repair with our Intensive Repair Shampoo, designed to rebuild the hair fiber and ward off frizz. The outcome? Healthy, shiny, and effortlessly flowing locks. Keratin, a vital protein in the hair’s composition, initiates an internal reconstruction for an intensive repair journey. Infused with Panthenol and Avena Sativa, it not only moisturizes and protects but also imparts softness, shine, and volume to your hair. Plus, enjoy the hypoallergenic perfume for a delightful sensorial experience. Your hair’s rejuvenation awaits!