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Sesderma Lactyferrin Sanitizer Gel 75ml Pack Of 3

Sesderma Lactyferrin Sanitizer Gel 75ml Pack Of 3



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  • Quickly kill microorganisms on hands
  • Are less irritating to the skin than soap and water

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Sesderma Lactyferrin Sanitizer Gel

Sesderma Lactyferrin Sanitizer Gel 75ml kills 99.9% of germs to give the best protection to you and your loved ones against deadly diseases. It also provides the maintenance of basic hand hygiene. Sesderma Lactyferrin Sanitizer has Triple action Cleaning, protection, and care thanks to Lactoferrin, an active ingredient that provides effective protection against external agents. Leaves your skin silky and protected, unlike alcohol that constantly dries it out. This advanced blend effectively combats a wide spectrum of germs, achieving a remarkable 99% germ and virus elimination rate. Notably, its formulation centers around Lactoferrin, which safeguards the skin’s natural Lipid Barrier while promoting unparalleled hand hygiene.

COVID-19 has given us umpteen valuable lessons and has taught us the importance of eliminating bacteria and germs. One of the most commonly used tools to protect ourselves from disease-causing germs is the uniform use of sanitizers. The Lactyferrin Sanitizer Gel is clinically tested and is extremely efficacious against the spreading of germs. Even in the post-pandemic area, the possibility of spreading germs and bacteria is still not eliminated. But we must maintain personal hygiene and carry sanitizer with us. Our sanitizer comes in handy and protects you from germs.

Incorporating a triple-action approach, the gel not only thoroughly cleanses but also fortifies the skin, preserving its essential lipidic barrier. This unique Lactoferrin-based formula contributes to skin protection and optimal hydration. Amid the ongoing pandemic, alcohol’s significance in hand sanitizers became evident; however, this description sheds light on the equally vital role played by other ingredients. By emphasizing efficacy, safety, and user appeal, LACTYFERRIN DEFENSE SANITIZER Gel stands out as a comprehensive solution for hand sanitization needs.

Get your hands on the Lactyferrin Sanitizer Gel today and maintain a clean and safe every day, because one good habit will not only protect you from germs but also prevent it from spreading to your loved ones. Lactyferrin Defense Sanitizer Gel utilizes cutting-edge Nanotechnology and potent active components such as Benzalkonium Chloride, Ethyl Alcohol, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, LACTOFERRIN, and Lactoperoxidase.


  • Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses.
  • Protects skin’s natural lipid barrier.
  • Triple-action: cleanses, protects, and hydrates.
  • Leaves skin silky and protected, unlike alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Clinically tested and effective against germ spread.
  • Unique Lactoferrin-based formula for optimal skin protection.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge Nanotechnology and potent active ingredients.



  1. Apply a little portion of the gel onto your hands and rub your hands to spread it evenly.
  2. Wear the KN95 face mask whenever you go out for ultimate protection.



Lactoferrin (protein found in breast milk which favours fluid retention and hydration), glycerine (moistening), lecithin (maintains the lipid barrier in optimal condition), polymethylmethacrylate (filmogenic and moisturising effect), cocktail of sanitising active ingredients

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