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Isispharma Xerolan Soothing Repairing Emollient Spray 150ml

Isispharma Xerolan Soothing Repairing Emollient Spray 150ml



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  • Skin-friendly product
  • Gives relief from itching and burning sensation
  • Soothes skin irritation
  • Easy to carry

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Isispharma Xerolan Soothing Repairing Emollient Spray

Does your skin ever cry out for instant relief from dryness, irritation, or burning? Does the thought of applying creams on sensitive areas bring a shudder? Then Isispharma Xerolan Soothing Repairing Emollient Spray is your answer. This innovative spray isn’t just a moisturizer; it’s a portable shield of comfort, offering immediate soothing and repair for various skin woes.

Imagine a fine mist gently settling on your skin, calming itchiness and burning sensations instantly. That’s the magic of Xerolan. Its unique formula, enriched with natural assets like xerolan and lanolin, mimics the skin’s natural lipids, making it biocompatible and deeply nourishing. This means it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue, ideal for even the most sensitive skin. But Xerolan is more than just soothing. It also aids in repairing the skin’s barrier, helping it retain moisture and protect itself from further irritation. Whether you’re dealing with dryness, sunburn, razor burn, or insect bites, Xerolan offers fast-acting relief. Its convenient spray format makes it perfect for hard-to-reach areas and allows for precise, hygienic application. No need to rub and risk spreading bacteria!

And the best part? Xerolan is a family-friendly hero. Its hypoallergenic formula is safe for everyone, even infants and pregnant women. So, soothe baby’s diaper rash, relieve your partner’s sunburn, or provide instant comfort to anyone’s itchy skin worries. Keep Xerolan handy in your first-aid kit, purse, or travel bag. It’s the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, poolside relaxation, or simply soothing everyday skin irritations. Experience the instant relief and long-lasting comfort of Xerolan, the soothing embrace your skin will thank you for.


  • It is used for soothing irritation of the skin
  • It gives relief from burning and itching sensation
  • It helps in rehydrating your skin
  • It is skin-friendly as the composition consists of elements which are naturally found in the outer layer of our skin


  1. Use Xerolan in areas that need relief as frequently as needed
  2. The spray nozzle is designed to ensure precise and even application
  3. Do not rub the product to prevent bacteria from spreading to treated areas
  4. The bottle can be sprayed upside down to treat hard-to-reach areas like the foot, back and others


Butane, Lanolin Oil, Isobutane, Propane, Tocopheryl Acetate

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