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Sesderma Hidroquin Forte Skin Lightener Gel 30ml

Sesderma Hidroquin Forte Skin Lightener Gel 30ml



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Preventing and treating severe skin imperfections that are suitable for all skin types involves a combination of depigmenting agents working together. This treatment is applied directly to specific areas. Its technology, utilizing nanosomes, facilitates the deeper penetration of active ingredients, which are then released gradually to even out skin tone and reduce skin pigmentation

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Sesderma Hidroquin Forte Skin Lightener Gel

Sesderma Hidroquin Forte Skin Lightener Gel is an exceptional solution for both preventing and treating severe skin blemishes, and it caters to individuals with all skin types. This unique product features a combination of depigmenting active ingredients that work together in perfect synergy to address skin imperfections. Its targeted application makes it particularly effective in treating specific concerns.

The innovative technology employed in this gel utilizes nanosomes to enhance the penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin. These ingredients are then gradually released, leading to an even skin tone and a reduction in skin pigmentation. This approach ensures that the product goes beyond surface-level treatment to address the root causes of skin blemishes, providing a more comprehensive and long-lasting solution. One of the key benefits of Sesderma Hidroquin Forte is its ability to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation effectively. It not only diminishes the appearance of existing dark and brown spots on the face but also acts as a shield against the development of new ones. The inclusion of Retinol promotes skin regeneration, aiding in the repair of damaged skin, while Niacinamide plays a role in preventing premature aging, helping maintain a youthful and vibrant complexion.

The Sesderma Hidroquin Forte Skin Lightener Gel is a versatile and advanced skincare product suitable for all skin types. Its depigmenting technology, backed by nanosomes, ensures deep and gradual delivery of active ingredients, making it a powerful tool in the prevention and treatment of severe skin blemishes, including hyperpigmentation, while promoting overall skin health and vitality.


  1. Prevents & treats severe blemishes for all skin types.
  2. Reduces hyperpigmentation & evens skin tone.
  3. Nanosomes deliver ingredients deeper for better results.
  4. Gradual release for long-lasting effect.
  5. Reduces existing dark spots & prevents new ones.
  6. Retinol promotes skin regeneration & repair.
  7. Niacinamide prevents premature aging & maintains a youthful look.
  8. Versatile & effective solution for various skin concerns.
  9. Promotes overall skin health & vitality.


  1.  Apply 1-2 times every day. Spread the product evenly on your face and wait for it to get absorbed.
  2. For the morning routine, follow it up with sunscreen.


Glycolic Acid to 10%, Kojic Acid, Alfa – arbutina, Citric Acid, Phytico Acid, Licorice root extract, Extract from Ursina Grape

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August 2026

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Satnam & Company

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Second Floor, 1730/2, Shop no 11, Ram Gali, Bhagirath Place,
Chandni Chowk Road, Chandni Chowk Area, New Delhi 110006

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M/s. Sesderma S.L. , C/Massamagrell, 5, Poligono Industrial Rafelbunyol, C.P. 46138, Rafelbunyol, Valencia, Spain