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It improves the color and texture of the acne aftermath of the skin (marks / scars, pimples and red or brown spots). It is not comedogenic.

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Acnises spot is a lightly colored cream with easy application and very fast absorption. Designed to reduce the appearance of scars and unify the color and texture of the skin. With a powerful combination of assets aimed at repairing the dermal matrix, reducing inflammation and improving the appearance of blemishes.

It contains growth factors, the main asset responsible for dermal repair and for improving the appearance of lesions. Onion extract regulates collagen synthesis, reduces inflammation and redness around the affected area. Ascorbyl glycoside and Shizoplyllan promote the formation of new collagen and protect from oxidation. Retinaldehyde regulates the keratinization of the skin and has antibacterial properties against P.acnes, in addition, it contributes together with vitamin C to unify skin tone. . All this is combined with the soothing, astringent, moisturizing and toning properties provided by the dry extract d´argousier sea buckthorn.

  •  Tube
  •  Grease
  •  As many times as needed
  •  Day and / or night
  •  Cream

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Apply focally on the imperfection until achieving the desired effect and its improvement. Apply it to the face with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. You can apply it in the morning and / or at night.
As a complementary treatment: Abradermol to perform a mechanical exfoliation once a week or every 15 days and Repaskin sunscreen spf50.Warnings: External use only.


Ascorbyl glucoside, glucosamine, allium cepa extract, retinal, growth factors (EGF, HGH, TGF-β2), superoxide dismutases, chizophyllan.

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