Pack : 5AMP x 2ML

Renew your skin with levels of efficacy never before achieved.

Renewal ageless effect ampoules with an immediate peeling effect, which hydrates and renews your skin in depth.

Due to its high concentration of glycolic acid, it is only recommended for skin accustomed to glycolic. If this is not your case, choose ACGLICOLIC Classic Ampoules in a first stage and, as our skin gets used to glycolic acid, you can switch to ACGLICOLIC 20 ampoules to maximize results and look renewed and hydrated skin.

Use them 1 time a week, or every other day.

It will also come in great if you follow anti-acne treatment or depigmenting treatment, thanks to its hydrating peeling effect.

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How to Use

  1. Cleanse and tone your skin.
  2. Shake the Acglicolic blister to ensure the liquid stays at the bottom. Introduce the neck of the ampoule inside the plastic cap and carefully break it where indicated by the colored ring.
  3. Place the cap on the ampoule, pour the content on the palm of your hand and spread evenly over face, neck and décolleté, tapping gently.
  4. Then, apply your regular treatment.
  5. Maximize its effects by applying C-Vit Intensive Serum Ampoules the next morning.


Key Ingredients

  • Contains 4% free and liposomal glycolic acid
  • 1% salicylic acid

Additional information

Pack Size

5AMP x 2ML


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