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How to Manage a Stable Skin Tone

How to Manage a Stable Skin Tone

Who doesn’t want a well smooth, even skin tone? And while some are genetically predisposed to that sought-after light, most of us just aren’t. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t attainable it just takes the right products and cycle to get you there. We may wish for absolutely smooth, even skin, but many of us have additional skin tones. This may take the form of redness, acne scars, age spots, or sun damage, which can cause blemishes or patches of color on the skin.


Hyperpigmentation is a common, normally harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal bordering skin. This darkening occurs when an overdose of melanin, the brown pigment that allows normal skin color, forms coats in the skin. Hyperpigmentation can affect the skin color of people of any race.

Age or “liver” spots are a popular form of hyperpigmentation. They happen due to sun damage and are referred to by doctors as solar lentigines. These small, shaded patches are usually found on the hands and face or other areas frequently exposed to the sun.


Melasma or chloasma points are similar in appearance to age spots but are larger areas of shaded skin that appear most often as a result of hormonal modifications. Pregnancy, for example, can trigger overproduction of melanin that causes the mask of pregnancy on the face and shaded skin on the abdomen and other areas.

How to Repair Damaged Skin?

New day but still trading with the same-old acne difficulty, Melasma & Hyperpigmentation? Safe to say, you are not alone! Skincare has become the topic of the highest importance in recent times. Skin issues like redness, pigmentation, acne, fine lines, are either the result of environmental degeneration or unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, not working out, etc.

Although it is hard to avoid skin damage completely, one can take a few steps in order to repair it naturally.

If you have tried and tested every product in the market and are still trading with the issue, listed below are some magic products that will help repair skin damage faster.



A maximum antioxidant, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, and illuminating serum that restores your vitality and natural light to your skin.

Vitamin C in your skin is transformed into light. And thanks to nanotechnology, we are able to maximize its effectiveness and anti-free radical protection.

  • Brightens and revitalizes the skin.
  • Lightens and homogenizes the tone, making it also suitable as an adjunct in depigmenting treatments.
  • Fights signs of fatigue and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Increases fineness, smoothness, and elasticity of the skin, since it increases the synthesis of collagen.



Facial fluid with antioxidant, hydrating, anti-wrinkle, and brightening effect which brings back the vitality and natural glow to your skin.

On your skin, Vitamin C changes into light. And, thanks to nanotechnology, it provides maximum effectiveness and security against anti-free radicals. In addition, its luminous pigments

  • Brightens and revitalizes the skin.
  • Clarifies and evens out the skin tone.
  • Combats the signs of fatigue and prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  • Enhanced skin smoothness, softness, and elasticity (collagen synthesis)
  • Prevents the effects of free radicals: antioxidant
  • Daily hydration
  • Active ingredients are encapsulated in liposomes to obtain deeper penetration and greater effectiveness.
  • Instant luminosity thanks to its luminous pigments

How to Prevent Hyperpigmentation & Melasma

Although not all problems of hyperpigmentation can be limited, there are some steps you can take to prevent certain instances of hyperpigmentation & Repair Damaged Skin

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Try to wait out of the sun through the peak hours of 10 am to 2 pm. Sit under a sun umbrella or in the shade when you’re outdoors to minimize your sun exposure.
  • Use a hat. Shade your face and scalp with a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Apply SPF. Choose sun protection that is at least SPF 15 and use it daily, even in the cooler months, to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. Try Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 30 for a 2-in-1 benefit – moisturize your skin with this ultra-lightweight cream and protect it against the sun.
  • Limit touching your skin. Damaging or picking a mosquito bite or a spot can result in redness and lead to darker pigmentation on your face, so it’s best to avoid touching your skin. When you do touch your skin, for example when using your skincare or makeup, make sure you wash your hands first.


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