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Feedback List

Recently visited IBERIA and I should say you have the best beauty and wellness products and very importantly genuine stuff. And the customer support was even more of a great help. I was looking for an oil soap and found it difficult to find the right product. But then i came across your site and found the right product I was looking for. Thanks. IBERIA rocks!!

Anjali Mehta

The products are amazing. All my patients and colleagues love the quality and results. They are addicted to the high quality and rich feel of the products as well.

Jigyasa Verma

I recently purchased Azelac Lotion from the Iberia Skin Brands website. The process was very smooth and I really liked the product also. Keeps my skin soft and moisturized.

Neha Gautam

I purchased sesderma C-VIT from Iberia Skinbrands website, the process was very smooth & the product delivered was of premium quality with good texture and had a feel good factor along with effective result.


My doctor recommended Sesderma products for my skin. I purchased it from the Iberia Skin Brands website. The products were 100% genuine.

Natasha Kapoor